cherry tomato photo, click for a larger image

Tomatoes are harder to grow, especially if there are any hungry brushtail possums around. Cherry tomatoes are probably the easiest of the bunch. You can get tomato seedlings coming up in your mulch from the seeds of tomatoes you got from the supermarket. I am growing most of my tomatoes in a bathtub with a birdmesh cage on top to keep out the possums, scrub turkeys and other birds. This also helps to save on water.

Many people recommend that you remove all the side stems from a tomato bush. This seems to increase the size of the leaves and the fruit, and makes the fruit ripen faster. You get a few larger fruit spread out in time, rather than a big crop of small fruit just before the bush dies. You can use these stems for grafting, or simply plant them in the soil. If you keep the soild moist enough they will grow.

the tomacco plant - natural wonder or hybrid monster?Special feature: an illustrated guide to grafting tomatoes and eggplant onto wild tobacco.